About me…

tim_in_sf.JPGWelcome to inthenickofTIM.  My name is Tim and I’ll be taking care of you today.

I was born and raised in rural Oklahoma in the middle of the Bible Belt, where I quickly learned about religion - and fear.  After all, don’t they go hand-in-hand?  Growing up in church gave me great roots and moral structure… and I also learned if you’re not Baptist you’re damned to spend all eternity burning in Hell.  Period.  Thankfully, after High School I moved to a larger city to attend Oklahoma University where I learned a little more about other religions, new cultures, different people, friendship, love and - more importantly - about drinking!  I graduated from OU with a degree in Journalism and dreams of a metropolitan life, different from my country upbringing.

I had hopes to travel the world (and for a small town Oklahoma boy, those were big dreams).  Luckily, early on in my career, I took a position in the IT field where I have spent the past ten years or so.  In fact, I work in IT sales for the travel industry… so my dreams of journeys and traveling the globe weren’t as far out of my reach as I had initially thought.  Over the past decade I’ve lived in Los Angeles twice and now Dallas twice - and I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled the world for both business and pleasure.  I am 34 years-old and currently live in downtown Dallas with two spoiled dogs and my incredible partner.

After a bit of a hiatus from my creative world, I feel like 2008 is going to be an incredible year for me in many ways… and this site is my start.  As I begin to recapture my passion for words I hope you’ll join me and travel this journey at my side.  NOTE:  Expect the unexpected!  My ramblings tend to have a wide range… from stories about my dogs (as you can see) to everyday events in my life I believe everyone can relate to.  Learning to stay sane in today’s world while juggling a relationship, remodeling a home, maintaining a demanding career - while also starting a new business… getting older, my close-knit family - all of it!

There will be many funny stories about my crazy family (love them), my great host of friends, pictures of my dogs… and developments in my writing adventures as I try and entertain us all.  I’ve had no real creative outlet for the past several years, so now this will be it.  As I scream out my thoughts on this page, there will probably be polls as we prepare to flip the next house (say… which tile to choose?  Which paint color do you like best?, etc).  Trust me, it’s easier to get a few opinions than it is to repaint your Den four times - I learned that lesson the hard way.

A few months ago, I had a devil of a time deciding which furniture to buy, so email pictures were send out to friends and family for advice.  Now, you’ll get to help me make the decisions, too.  You’ll probably also find a few plugs on here as to which good products I’ve found that work - and ones that suck (should you ever need reference).  Hell, you even helped me choose the name for this site (which inthenickoftim was always my favorite).  For me, the idea of this site being my creative outlet, as well as a possible new business venture to pick up freelance writing gigs, came just inthenickofTIM.  So, thank you - and here’s to a great 2008!